Adding Google Calendar Events to Your SharePoint Web Site

This article describes how to set up and add Google Calendar events to your web site. This is a simple and easy way to include calendar of events on your web site.

Google Calendar in SharePoint


To complete this task, you would need to have
Virto Calendar for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 & 2010 & 2013 installed and added to the page (

Virto Calendar Web Part enables users to view all of their events from different data sources (SharePoint List, Microsoft Exchange Calendar or SQL Tables) in one single calendar! This surpasses the existing SharePoint calendar view's functionality by allowing users to specify the list or view, and also color code the displayed items by category of events (such as internal or external, view day, week, month, year, and Gantt view).

The main added value of Virto Calendar Web Part is the opportunity to have all the events from different data sources displayed in a single calendar view, sparing the necessity to switch between multiple views. Another value offered is the ability to bind from different data sources - from SharePoint lists, Microsoft Exchange Calendars and SQL tables, to create a new calendar event. This is in comparison to most other calendars that can only use one data source, and be displayed in only one view. To distinguish events from different sources in Virto Calendar, one can use multi-level color coding.

Although currently Virto Calendar doesn’t integrate natively with Google Calendar, this feature will be available soon in future versions. For now, it is possible to add Google Calendar events through RSS feed. We will now discuss the steps to complete this task.

1. Google Calendar must be set to “public” in order for it to be integrated into SharePoint using RSS.

2. You will need to get RSS links from Google Calendar Atom feeds.

In our case, the link will be as follows:

3. Go to Virto Calendar Web Part settings and create a new Data Source and title it, “Google calendar”. Select “XML file” as the data source. Enter the RSS link for your Calendar under the “Path to xml file” box. It should look like this:

4. Define the rules of retrieving data from XML file as follows:

Prefixes and Namespaces
XPath string for calendar events
XPath string for calendar event title
XPath string for calendar event start date
XPath string for calendar event end date
XPath string for calendar event IsAllDay flag

XPath strings for calendar event tooltips

These settings are required. You can also change the display style, legend color, etc. Detailed recommendations can be found in the software manual.

5. Save the new data source, and then save the changes in the Web part settings.

Now all the events of your Google calendar will be displayed in SharePoint. Please see the following screenshots of Google and SharePoint events below.

Google Calendar Month View

Virto SharePoint Calendar Month View

Google Calendar Day View

Virto SharePoint Calendar Day View