Office 365 Checkout Manager by Virtosoftware is released!

We just have released the new awesome SharePoint Online solution for you!

Virto Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online is a simple tool to view and manage all checked out documents in your SharePoint libraries. With Virto Checkout Manager, you can ensure with email reminders and auto check in feature that all checked out files in your SharePoint environment are not forgotten about.

Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online 1

The common problem of SharePoint file sharing are documents that have been left checked out. When multiple employees need to work on the same documents, they are forgetting often to check in them and blocking coworkers from editing this content.

With Virto Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online, you can always find out who is currently editing a document or just check in this file. 

Also, you can use any collaborative documents without need to remember to check them in. You can easily customize email reminders or apply auto check in feature, so you will never have any checked out and forgotten documents in your SharePoint environment! 

Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online 2

You can download and install Virto Office 365 Checkout Manager and try it in your SharePoint Online environment right now!