Thursday, August 25, 2016

Office 365 Workflow Activities Kit first release

Office 365 Workflow Activities Kit by Virto is finally here! We are happy to announce the first bunch release of our custom workflow activities for SharePoint Online.
Over 25 Office 365 workflow activities for sending e-mails, list processing, permissions processing, dealing with documents, attachments and many other activities are available for download.

Following Office 365 workflow activities are ready for now:

Administration Actions
Create SharePoint group
Delete SharePoint group

Email processing
Send email with attachments

List activities
Copy or Move Document
Copy/Move Attachments

List processing
Loop through list items and update field value
Get list items (CAML)
Add/Remove folder


Calculate aggregate function

SharePoint Permissions processing
Add user to SharePoint group
Get members of SharePoint group
Check if user is a member of SharePoint group
Grant Permission on list item
Grant Permission on list
Grant Permission on site
Remove all permissions from list item
Remove all permissions from list
Remove all permissions from site
Remove permissions from list item
Remove permissions from list
Remove permissions from site
Remove user from SharePoint group
Restore list item permissions inheritance
Restore list permissions inheritance
Restore site permissions inheritance
Stop list item permissions inheritance
Stop list permissions inheritance
Stop site permissions inheritance

String activities
Split string

Workflow actions
Cancel running Workflow
Start another workflow

There are also some activities that are not 100% ready, but they will be available in the coming weeks. Also, if you need a specific SharePoint workflow activity and you did not find it in the Virto Office 365 Workflow Activities Extensions set, you can send your request and we will fulfill it shortly (usually within one week).