SharePoint reminder email without any issues

A powerful business platform such as SharePoint has potentially a wide range of possible use cases for SharePoint reminder usage.

  • Create a SharePoint reminder for events from team or personal calendar;
  • Send a SharePoint reminder for recurrent events such as weekly meeting or monthly report;
  • Receive SharePoint reminder email about list items (for example, tasks) in 2 days before they are overdue;
  • Send reminders for users about upcoming tasks assigned to them;
  • Send a SharePoint reminder about contracts or policy expiration.
SharePoint reminder 1

Needless to say, you can't set up any of this features in your default SharePoint environment without third-party solutions.

The SharePoint alerts mechanism allows you to receive a SharePoint alert email based on an action applied to a chosen item or library (new items were created, edited or deleted). But you can't adjust a SharePoint alert based on a date trigger. In other words, you can't create an out-of-the-box SharePoint reminder.

Actually, it is possible to configure a SharePoint reminder with a calculated column and custom workflow action made in SharePoint Designer. The process is time-consuming, because only one workflow reminder can be set up for each item and you might need to assign reminders for a great number of events for a large group of users. And, of course, custom workflow demands the installed SharePoint Designer and advanced skills to create a workflow action. In our case, we're talking about a simple way for end users who do not possess the technical understanding of SharePoint Designer to create quickly as many SharePoint reminders as needed.
Another limitation of a SharePoint reminder made with SharePoint Designer is the inability to stop workflow when a user changes the item. The old item must be deleted and user has to create a new item with a valid time. One more annoying thing is the default start time for all-day events.

Virto SharePoint Alerts and Reminders add-in for Office 365 allows you to create reminders really quick, from a user-friendly interface and within a flexible schedule that can be also applied for add-day events and recurrent events. 

A SharePoint reminder email can be designed, using text formatting, pictures, links, and you can create an informative message within a minute.

You can use a wide range of custom conditions and adjust precised rules to send a SharePoint reminder for any business requirement.

An Office 365 SharePoint Reminder can be created in 4 steps.

1. Select a list about which items you will be notified.

SharePoint reminder 2

2. Define the recipients of SharePoint reminder. 

You can assign recipients from a user fields such as "Created by", type user names, or add external users' addresses.

SharePoint reminder email 1

3. Customize the SharePoint reminder email view. 

You can show list fields in the message, add pictures, links and use many more features of Office 365 SharePoint Alerts and Reminders for SharePoint reminder email customization.

SharePoint reminder email 2

4. Define a schedule and conditions to send this SharePoint reminder.

In our example, I`ll send the reminder for myself and for users who created a task that the due date is approaching and I have 3 days left to complete this task.

SharePoint reminder email 3

As a result, I have received the following message.

SharePoint reminder 3

You can find more details how to customize a more complex SharePoint Alerts schedule for each item in the article on our site.

In addition to SharePoint reminders functionality, Office 365 SharePoint Alerts and Reminders Add-in has the extended SharePoint alerts features. You can learn more how to go far beyond default SharePoint alert abilities in this article.

And also I have described in another article how to create a SharePoint newsletter with Virto SharePoint Alerts add-in. It`s an easy way to set up a newsletter, using a recurring schedule to send email on a particular day.

You can download the 30-days free trial of Office 365 SharePoint Alerts and Reminders Add-in and try all its features right now!