Customer Case: Meeting Rooms Overlaid with Calendar Events

Office 365 meeting rooms can be overlaid with your Office 365 calendar events in a single view.

Business Requirements

At a glance availability of Office 365 meeting room from Exchange Online overlaid with regular SharePoint Calendar events for a day, week, month or year views.

This way, a user will always know if the Office 365 meeting room is available at the time and date he wants and the room availability does not conflict with his planned events.

Virto Software Components Used

Office 365 Calendar

Solution Summary

Office 365 ootb capabilities do not allow to display Exchange Online meeting room in SharePoint calendar and integrate conference room with other meetings.

Virto Office 365 Calendar feature allows you to check the availability of a certain Office 365 meeting room right in your SharePoint Online calendar. You can correct your busy schedule in one view and change meetings/events according to availability of a certain room.

You need to create events in your Outlook and pick available rooms.

Office 365 meeting rooms overlaid with calendar events

Now open Virto Calendar in your Office 365 and check the box in the Virto Office 365 Calendar settings to display the list of Outlook meeting rooms.

Office 365 meeting rooms overlaid with calendar events

No complex customization is needed. Just save added meeting rooms and open your Office 365 calendar add-in.

You can see all your event overlaid with Office 365 meeting rooms.

Note: the Exchange Online meeting rooms data sources in Virto Calendar have Read Only permission. If you have full access to an Exchange Online meeting room, you can also view the name of event in this room. If your permission is restricted, you can see the room booking schedule only.

Office 365 meeting rooms overlaid with calendar events

With Virto Office 365 Calendar, it is easy to find the right room, at the right time, and schedule your events and meetings according to Office 365 meeting room availability.

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