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Discover New Functionality of Virto Kanban Online on Our Free Webinar

VirtoSoftware is ready to share the incredible new functionality of the Virto Kanban Board Online app for Office 365 and MS Teams! We can’t wait to start the show and demonstrate the enhanced Virto Kanban Board in the live demo.

Join our free webinar Virto Kanban Online: new functionality and new user opportunities”!

November 4 @ 10:00 – 11:00 UTC-4

On the webinar, you will see the new features of the Virto Kanban Board Online app and how you can apply them with a few clicks:

  1. Subtasks or checklist: which option to choose? See how Virto Kanban Board lets you work easily with both. Learn the details, find the benefits and start working.
  2. Switching between swimlanes. No more necessity of navigating to settings each time you need to change the swimlane field. Pick the one in the dropdown right on the board.

Hurry up and register right now! The webinar is already available on-demand.

See you at the live demo!

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