Kanban Board On-Premise Update: Board Notification Message

Exciting Update for Kanban Board On-Premise Users! Dive into the enhanced features of Virto Kanban Board On-Prem, including customizable board notifications and enriched chart parameters.

Board Notifications

Virto Kanban Board web part for SharePoint 2019 is ready to use with its updated functionality. First, we have prepared a new option for board administrators. Now it is possible to adjust a board notification message as you wish.

How to tune the alert message?

Go to the settings block under the gear icon on the left top corner.

Site settings

And then find the “Virto Kanban Task Manager settings” under the “Site Administration”.

Kanban settings

First, you can tune the task notification text in the Virto Kanban settings with this update. Just make the required changes to the default message that will be sent to recipients. By default, users will get the alert with the task link, mention by whom the task was assigned, and the board links inserted. The settings are applied to the current site collection.

Alert message

Kanban Board Charts

Second, we have added new parameters to the charts of the Kanban board. You can see them in the dropdown menu when choosing the one for generating a quick report.

Charts dropdown

Thank you for your continuing interest in the Virto Kanban Board product. The same updates for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 are coming soon. Please feel free to leave feedback! If you have any questions related to Kanban Board on-premise, please contact our Sales Team. Or find answers in the Kanban Board User Guide.

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