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Sales & Marketing Department Automation

Accelerate your sales cycle by using a set of powerful tools for marketing automation.

  • Lead management
  • Pipeline management
  • Bid management
  • Opportunity management
  • Contract management
  • Campaign management
  • Sales account provisioning
  • Sales collaboration
  • Sales performance management
  • Sales order processing
  • Product management



The sales team is the key revenue-generating unit in any business. To increase productivity, the company`s sales management team requires well-defined and optimized processes with real-time visibility. By automating both simple and sophisticated business requests, your sales team ensures maximum efficiency and profitability.


Sales processes vary according to organizational structures and behaviors specific to their industry, but all are similar in the sense that success in sales management lies far beyond organizing and supporting the work of the sales team. It is likely that your company`s sales cycle is relatively complex, but the optimization technique can be really simple. With the right tools your team can focus on selling, not paperwork. Reporting and approval processes automation, fast data import/export capabilities, auto notifications and transparent business units’ collaboration in daily task routing and many other tailored to your company’s sales stages solutions optimize and reduce process flows.


We can take as an example of sales operations optimization the processing of customer sales. Hundreds of customers are submitting service\product requests, which can be automatically collected from multiple email servers and domains in SharePoint lists. As soon as a new lead appears, the sales manager receives an alert and reviews the order.

Next, the manager will need to verify the identity of the customer. The client’s card from the SharePoint list can be displayed in a unified alphabetical order, using information from distinct lists across the site collection. In another case, the manager adds a new customer’s info into a database and not in a list directly, but inside a convenient short form.

Moving forward, the manager will check the service\product availability and start the order approving process. If several employees are involved in this processes, the manager can easily monitor their work progress using Kanban board. Kanban tasks are divided into columns and swimlanes that usually depend on the task’s status and priority. All users can see as a deal moves through the different stages and less time is spent on organization and task assignment.

Sales & Marketing Department Automation

If the order preparation requires additional internal department communication, meetings with vendors/prospects, the manager can quickly book the date and time with a powerful feature-rich calendar and receive an alert reminder just in time.

Most document operations, including sales proposals, order validation, issuance of invoices, deal discount approvals and other operations can be performed with SharePoint workflows. This fast and flexible process standardization prevents long term paperwork and automates manual tasks like putting together complex proposals or filling out orders and invoices.

Implementing workflows can add another dimension to reports. Workflows can provide a tool for creating plots, graphs and charts based on SharePoint lists data. Of course, do not forget about after sale service. Using a simple workflow, you can send beautiful mobile-responsive emails to your clients.

Sales & Marketing Department Automation

By automating the sales management process you are increasing efficiency, team productivity and collaboration that always translates into business progress.


Sales department project includes consulting, implementation, customization (if required), documentation and user guide preparation, and software licenses.

Sales department process management usually includes the following software:



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Tatiana Sushchenko is the product owner at VirtoSoftware. She started her IT career with the famous ABBYY Lingvo back in 2006 in Moscow. The she moved to Microsoft performing strongly in various marketing management roles across Visio, SharePoint, Office 365 and Project for almost 10 years. Tatiana is a graduate of the Institute of Business Studies and holds a mini-MBA degree. She also graduated from Microsoft marketing excellence university.

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