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How to Sync Office 365 Calendar with Outlook

It takes only seconds to sync an Office 365 calendar with Outlook, so that you could view SharePoint and Outlook calendars combined at one place. Whatever the SharePoint version, the calendars integration and related settings are very much alike.

How to Sync Office 365 Calendar in Outlook

First, you need to create a new SharePoint calendar, or select one of your existing Office 365 calendars to sync with Outlook.

    1. Go to the desired SharePoint calendar list, open the Calendar tab, and click Connect to Outlook or Sync to Outlook.

This enables connection between your Outlook and Office 365 accounts. If you are asked about allowing the connection, press Yes to confirm.

  1. Select a folder and desired calendar list to sync with Outlook, and click OK.

Now, you can see your Office 365 calendar next to the Outlook calendar.

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