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Kanban Board in MS Teams. How to use Kanban in Teams?

How to use Kanban in Teams? We made that possible with our new product. Enjoy Kanban Board Pro by Virto in Microsoft Teams.

If you have a customized Virto Kanban board in your SharePoint, you can add it to Teams as a separate tab. This way you will not need to switch between the applications to manage your and your team’s tasks. You can create and manage tasks as usual in Teams, and set up board settings in SharePoint.

kanban board in teams

kanban board for ms teams

You can create several channels with distinct Kanban boards. This way, if you have several v-teams within your team, each of them will be able to work with their own Kanban board.

The Kanban boards in Teams inherit user permissions from SharePoint and are invisible for external users in Teams. If a user doesn’t have access to a Kanban board in Teams, a pop-up window with “Access denied” message will be opened.

The Kanban board customization is available in SharePoint environment only. In Teams, you can display and manage board’s tasks without access to Kanban Settings.

Each Kanban board includes columns (it represents your task’s status, e.g. “Not started”, “In progress”) and swimlanes (to distinguish the priority or responsibility of sub-processes). With a drag & drop feature, you can easily move tasks between them.

You also can sort or group tasks according to custom condition filters (tasks assigned to a specified user, tasks from a certain project or any other value from the SharePoint list fields).

There are a lot of other useful features of Virto Kanban Board, and now you’re able to try all of them in Teams!

Download the Office 365 Kanban and try all new features in a free trial version.


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