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A Share Point calendar may contain multiple items and be shared among multiple users with edit permissions. Adjusting a calendar according to specific usage purposes is a much-wanted possibility among SharePoint users.

Here is the overview of options and ways for configuring a Share Point calendar view.

Default SharePoint List Views

Whether you want to edit calendar events or to have only certain event categories displayed, you can select a most suitable view out of the default List view types.
calendar in sharepoint

  • Calendar View. The most relevant view type for a SharePoint event list or any that contains a date field. You can customize the view with filters, change the scope, and determine what events details to show.
  • Standard View. The default sortable view for any SharePoint list. It is possible to view multiple events related to the same date due to its compact list layout. The variety of Standard View is Standard View, with Expanded Recurring Events that can show you the entire chain of recurring events.

    There are a few styles available that you can apply to Standard View – Boxed, Newsletter, Shaded, and Preview pane style. The preview style lets you view the item details as you hover over the item title.
  • Datasheet View. If you need to edit your Calendar events, this view type is a best match as it looks and feels like an Excel Spreadsheet.

    You can sort and filter the list, and bulk edit the list items.
  • Gantt view. It shows task progress in time and is best for tracking a project or some case deadlines.

Changing the Scope of Calendar in SharePoint

You can view your calendar in day, week, or month scope. Select the calendar, click on the Calendar tab in the ribbon, and then select Day, Week, or Month in the scope group.

This will provide a temporary update for the calendar view. You’ll need to create a custom view, if you want to change the default calendar scope permanently.

Creating Custom Share Point Calendar Views

To create a custom view, select Create view in the Calendar tab. Also, there available the Modify view option which allows you to change the original settings.

The next screen will show you the options for various view types.

Having selected the view type, give a name to your view and determine the access level – public or private. You can sort the list by columns, apply filters and group the events to customize what and how to display on your calendar.

How to Display Custom Share Point Calendar Views

To display your custom view of the calendar by default, add the calendar to the desired page:

  1. Open the required page, click Edit, and point the cursor to the spot where you want to place your filtered calendar. Open the Insert tab > Web Part and select your web part.
  2. Next, access the Edit Web Part option: click on the right corner arrow of the calendar web part.
    share point calendar
  3. In the Edit Web Part menu, find List Views and click Selected View to choose your view.

    Click OK. This will make your custom filtered calendar view to appear as default on the desired page.


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