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How to Create Calendar in SharePoint. How to Create a SharePoint Calendar.

SharePoint is known for its powerful collaboration opportunities, and it is essential for companies to launch their SharePoint activity with calendar adjustment.

Adding a calendar to SharePoint helps users to have an easy access to personal events and synchronize them with team events and company schedule. A SharePoint calendar allows managers to inform coworkers about meetings and also check their availability.

Create a SharePoint Online Calendar

Before the beginning, it is necessary to check if you have a suitable access permission level to the SharePoint site. If you want to create a team calendar, make sure the SharePoint site, that will contain your calendar, is a public site (i.e. it must be available for other users in your team).

      1. Navigate to Site Contents, click New and select App in the drop-down menu.

        If you are using SharePoint On Premises and, for example, want to insert a calendar in SharePoint 2013, you will have the following view. Actually, it is the same functionality with slightly different view.
      2. Once you have done this, you can add your calendar. Scroll down and select Calendar app.
        create a sharepoint calendar
      3. Click on Advanced options, so that you can pick up a calendar name on the next step.Type in a unique name, add a short description for your calendar and define its type. You can add it as a personal or group calendar. You need to check Yes, if you want to add calendar to SharePoint team site and make it a group calendar. Click the Create button.
      4. Now, you need to select users to be added to the calendar from the list of users that appear in the pop-up box. Please notice, you can’t add any external addresses to the SharePoint Calendar.
        create calendar in sharepoint
      5. A link to the new calendar added to SharePoint site will be visible on the left menu. You can switch to the Calendar tab and change the grid displaying from the group view to any other scope.
        create a sharepoint calendar

    So, you have created a calendar in SharePoint. You and your team have access to the calendar and can create and manage all company-wide events, meetings, and schedules.


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