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SharePoint Calendar: How to Create or Add One in 2023

How to Create a SharePoint Calendar: Step-by-Step Tutorial

This article was updated in June 2023 to ensure our readers receive the most up-to-date information and insightful tips. 

Welcome to our updated guide on how to add a calendar to SharePoint Online. Whether youre a novice at using SharePoint Online or seeking to expand your proficiency, this guide will provide you with a detailed overview and step-by-step instructions to seamlessly integrate a calendar into your SharePoint Online site.




1. Understanding SharePoint Calendars

2. How to Add a Calendar from SharePoint

3. How to Create a SharePoint Online Calendar

3.1 Option 1: For SharePoint Modern View

3.2 Option 2: For SharePoint Classic View

4. Wrapping It Up

5. Frequently Asked Questions about SharePoint Calendars

6. Useful Links to Investigate


Understanding SharePoint Calendars  

SharePoint is renowned for its robust collaboration capabilities. Effectively implementing and managing calendars is crucial for organizations using SharePoint. This process becomes even more efficient with the use of Virto Calendar Overlay, a tool that allows users to merge multiple calendars, Microsoft Planner tasks, and more into one consolidated view.

SharePoint calendars provide numerous benefits. They allow users to conveniently manage personal events and synchronize them with team activities and company schedules. SharePoint calendars also empower managers to verify coworkers availability and communicate effectively about upcoming events. The visibility provided by a shared calendar enhances productivity and fosters an efficient working environment. 

Moreover, SharePoint calendars support the effective planning and tracking of team projects by making project timelines clearer and aiding in resource allocation. By centralizing schedules, SharePoint calendars provide a holistic view of corporate timetables and eliminate the confusion that can be caused by scattered event notifications. 

To experience these benefits and make the most of your SharePoint calendar, consider incorporating Virto Calendar Overlay. It’s a powerful tool that elevates your SharePoint experience, providing a clean, unified view of all your schedules.  


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How to Add a Calendar From SharePoint 

In this SharePoint tutorial, you will learn a convenient way of incorporating a calendar into SharePoint Online. Rather than using the traditional approach of using a calendar web part that is no longer available, we will show you how to display a SharePoint Online list in a calendar view (in both classic and modern SharePoint Online). Using this method, any entries added to the SharePoint Online list will automatically appear on the corresponding calendar.  

By the end of this tutorial, youll have a full understanding of how to seamlessly incorporate a calendar into your SharePoint Online environment.  

sharepoint calendar

How to Create a SharePoint Online Calendar  

Before you begin creating your calendar, its essential to ensure that you have the appropriate access permission level for the SharePoint site. If you plan to create a team calendar, the SharePoint site containing your calendar should be a public site, making it accessible to other users in your team. 

Once you’ve confirmed the permissions and site set-up are correct, you can add a SharePoint calendar. The process differs slightly for SharePoint modern and classic views, so we’ve provided instructions for both below.


Option 1: For SharePoint Modern View 

Navigate to the SharePoint site page and click the Edit icon in the toolbar. 

Navigate to the SharePoint site page

Click the plus icon to add a new web part in column one. 

SharePoint Calendar

Search for the Events web part and add it to your page. 

search for the Events web part

Use the Edit icon to enter edit mode. Adjust the web part and select the events list you want to display in your calendar. Then exit edit mode. 

Adjust the web part and choose the events list you want to display in your calendar

Upcoming events will now appear on the selected page as you add them. 

SharePoint Calendar

To view the same information as a calendar, navigate to the site contents and locate the events list. 

Create a SharePoint Calendar

You can now enjoy the calendar view of the events list. 

events list

Option 2: For SharePoint Classic View 

If youre using SharePoints classic view, follow these steps to add a SharePoint calendar. 

Go to site contents and click add an app. 

SharePoint Calendar

Search for and select the calendar app. 

Calendar app

Enter the calendar name and click Advanced Options. 

Team Calendar

Add a description for your calendar and define its type. Check Yes if you want to add a calendar to the SharePoint team site and convert it into a group calendar. Then click Create. 

SharePoint team site

Select the users from your site or site collection you want to have access to the calendar. 

SharePoint Calendar

Your new calendar will now appear linked on the left-hand menu in the calendar view. You can switch to the calendar tab and change the display from group view to any other available view. 

Calendar tab

Choose either of these two methods to add a calendar to your SharePoint modern or classic site. 


Wrapping It Up

This guide has walked you through the process of creating a SharePoint Online calendar, providing practical instructions for SharePoint’s modern and classic view. The beauty of SharePoint lies in its robust collaborative capabilities, and these are significantly enriched by integrating a calendar into your SharePoint site. A SharePoint calendar facilitates the synchronization of personal and teamwide events, enhances communication, and supports the planning and tracking of projects. 

While SharePoint calendars are powerful tools in themselves, the efficiency and visibility they offer can be amplified with Virto Calendar Overlay. This tool allows you to overlay multiple calendars, Microsoft Planner tasks, and more into a single view, giving you a clear perspective on your schedules for seamless project management. 

So, are you ready to elevate your SharePoint experience? Get started now and experience firsthand how Virto Calendar Overlay can transform your SharePoint calendar management. 

get started with virto calendar

Frequently Asked Questions about SharePoint Calendars  

1. How do I create a calendar in SharePoint?  

Creating a calendar in SharePoint can be done in two ways: by adding a calendar app or creating a custom list with the calendar template. Both are quick and easy processes, but they each serve slightly different needs. 

Adding a calendar app 

This method is an excellent choice if youre looking for a standard calendar with predefined fields such as title, location, start time, end time, etc. Heres how to do it: 

  1. From the home page of your SharePoint site, click Site contents in the left-hand menu. 
  1. Click New,” then select App.” 
  1. In the search box, type Calendar,” then select the Calendar app. 
  1. Enter a name for your calendar and click Create.”  

The new calendar will be added to your site contents. You can then navigate to your new calendar and start adding events. Switch to the events tab and select New Event to start adding entries to your calendar. 

Creating a custom list with the calendar template 

If you want more flexibility and customization options, creating a custom list using the calendar template is just what you need. This method allows you to add custom fields to your calendar. Heres how to do it: 

  1. From the home page of your SharePoint site, click Site contents in the left-hand menu. 
  1. Click New,” then select List.” 
  1. In the New List dialog box, click From existing list.” 
  1. Select the Calendar template. 
  1. Enter a name and, optionally, a description for your list, then click Create.” 

Your new custom calendar will be created and added to your site content. You can start adding items to your list and switch to the calendar view to see them displayed as a calendar. 

Note: The availability of certain features might depend on the version and settings of your SharePoint environment. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to create apps or lists. If you dont have them, request them from your SharePoint administrator. 

2. How do I use a calendar in SharePoint?  

When using a calendar in SharePoint, you can add, edit, and manage events, appointments, and meetings. You can also set reminders and customize calendar views. Lets elaborate on these features. 

Adding, editing, and managing events, appointments, and meetings 

  1. To add an event, navigate to the calendar and click on the day you want to add an event to 
  1. Fill in the necessary details, such as the events title, location, start time, end time, etc. Click Save when youre done. 
  1. To edit an event, select it and then click the Edit button. Make your changes and click Save.” 
  1. You can delete an event by opening it and clicking the Delete button. Remember, once an event is deleted, it cannot be recovered. 

Setting reminders 

While SharePoint itself doesnt support reminders, you can integrate your SharePoint calendar with Outlook, which does support reminders: 

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint calendar you wish to link to Outlook. 
  1. In the calendar tab, click Connect to Outlook. 
  1. In the pop-up window, click Allow to confirm the connection. 

Once connected, your SharePoint calendar events will appear in your Outlook calendar, where you can set reminders as usual. 

Customizing calendar views 

SharePoint allows you to customize your calendar view according to your needs: 

  1. To create a new view, navigate to your calendar, click the calendar tab in the ribbon, then click Create View.” 
  1. Choose the view format you want. For example, the standard view gives you a traditional calendar layout. Other options include a list view or a Gantt view, which is helpful for project planning. 
  1. Customize the view settings, including the name, the time range to display, and which events or fields to display. 
  1. Click OK to create your view. You can switch between views using the Current View option in the calendar tab. 

Remember to always check your permissions level in your SharePoint environment as certain actions might require specific permissions. 

With these features, SharePoint calendars provide a versatile platform to organize your schedules, plan projects, and coordinate team activities. 

3. Can SharePoint have a calendar?  

Yes, SharePoint can indeed have a calendar, both built-in and from third-party developers. In fact, SharePoint calendars are key components of the platform and are widely used for managing and scheduling events, tasks, and meetings. 

You can create a comprehensive overlaid calendar in SharePoint by adding a Virto Calendar app to your site. SharePoint calendars can also be integrated with other calendars, such as Outlook or Microsoft 365 Group calendars. This way, you can sync schedules across various platforms. In addition to the built-in SharePoint calendar, there are also third-party apps like Virto Calendar Overlay, which provide additional features such as the ability to combine several calendars, including external internet calendars, into a single view.

4. How do I create a calendar in SharePoint for a team?  

 Log in to the SharePoint site where you want to create the calendar. 

  1. From the home page of your SharePoint site, select Site contents in the left-hand menu. In the site contents page, click + New,” and then select App.” 
  1. In the Apps you can add page, look for Calendar in the list. If its not immediately visible, use the search bar at the top of the page to find it. Click Calendar to create a new one. 
  1. Give your new calendar a name. It will be used as the title for the calendar, so make sure the name is easily identifiable for your team. 
  1. After naming your calendar, click Create. 
  1. Youll now be able to access your new team calendar from the site contents page. Click the calendar name to view it. 


You can customize the calendars settings, such as permissions, alerts, and event categories. You can start adding events and invite your team to do the same. Ensure that all team members have the necessary permissions to view, add, and edit the calendar. 


5. How do I add a calendar to a modern SharePoint page?  


  1. Go to your SharePoint site and open the page where you want to add the calendar. 
  1. Click the Edit button at the top right of the page. 
  1. Click the plus icon to add a web part on the page where you want to add the calendar. This will open a list of web parts you can add. Scroll down or search for Events, then click it to add it to the page. 
  1. Once the events web part is added, you can configure it. Click on the pen icon to edit the web part. This will open the web part settings on the right side of the page. 
  1. In the Source drop-down list, you can select a calendar (SharePoint list) from which the events should be pulled. 
  1. You can select the desired layout, the category of events to be shown, the number of events to be displayed, and other settings. 
  1. After making all your changes, click the Publish or Republish button at the top right of the page to make your new calendar visible to others. 


6. How do I add a calendar for all users in SharePoint?  


Adding a calendar for all users in SharePoint involves creating a calendar in a SharePoint site that all users can access. Do this by following these steps: 

  1. Choose or create a site that all users can access. If youve already created a SharePoint site that all users already have access to, you can use this site. If not, you need to create a SharePoint site where you can grant access to all users and then create a new calendar. 
  1. Go to the site contents page by clicking Site contents in the left-hand menu. Click New,” then select App.” Search for Calendar in the search box and click the calendar app. 
  1. Give the calendar a name and click Create.” The calendar will now be added to your site contents. 
  1. Ensure that all users have the appropriate permissions to view and edit the calendar. Go to the calendar settings by clicking the calendar in the site contents page, switching to the calendar tab in the ribbon, and clicking List Settings.” From here, you can manage the calendar permissions. 
  1. Let all users know about the new calendar and how to access and use it. Consider adding your new calendar to the main page of the site for quick access. 


7. How do I create a calendar view from a SharePoint list?  


 To create a calendar view from a SharePoint list, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint site where your list is located. 
  1. Go to the list for which you want to create a calendar view. 
  1. Switch to the calendar tab in the ribbon at the top of the page. 
  1. Click Create View. 
  1. In the Create View dialog box, select Calendar View and provide a name for your view. 
  1. Configure the calendar view settings: 
  1. Select the columns you want to display on the calendar, for example, title, start time, and end time. 
  1. Set the time interval for the calendar view (day, week, or month). 
  1. Specify any filters, sorting, or grouping options that you need. 
  1. Click OK. 


8. How do I add a meeting to a calendar in SharePoint? 


  1. Navigate to the SharePoint site where the calendar is located. Ensure that you have permission to add events to the calendar. 
  1. Open the calendar list by clicking its name or accessing it through the sites navigation menu. 
  1. Click the desired date in the calendar to open the event creation form. 
  1. In the event creation form, enter the details of the meeting (event title, start date and time, end date and time, location, description, attendees, etc.) 
  2. Once youve filled in the necessary information, click Save or Create to add the meeting to the calendar. 


    The meeting should now be added to the SharePoint calendar. Other users will be able to view and interact with the meeting details according to their permissions. 



    9. Are there any alternatives to the deprecated SharePoint Online calendar web part?  


    Yes, there are numerous alternatives, both free and premium, offered by Microsoft and third-party developers. 


    • SharePoint Events web part: This web part allows you to display events from a SharePoint calendar or several calendars in a visually appealing manner. 
    • Microsoft Teams: Teams offers its own calendar feature where you can create and manage events. You can embed the Teams calendar in a SharePoint page using the Microsoft Teams web part to display events. 
    • Power Apps: With Power Apps, you can create custom calendar apps that integrate with SharePoint. You can design your own calendar interface, add event creation and management capabilities, and connect it to SharePoint data. 
    • Third-party apps: There are several third-party vendors that offer calendar web parts for SharePoint Online, and one of them is Virto Calendar Overlay. This app provides additional features and customization options beyond the default options offered by SharePoint and other Microsoft calendars. 


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