Integrated Marketing calendar. How to improve the efficiency of marketing with VirtoSoftware?

Learn more about improving the efficiency of your marketing department with an innovative Integrated Marketing calendar from VirtoSoftware.

When everything is right, praise the sales, when everything goes wrong, blame the marketing.

An efficient marketing department is an organized gathering of disorganized people. They produce a lot of value but have innate problems with sharing the information and reporting of any kind. Don’t blame these people, their job is to be creative.

Marketing directors know that an Integrated Marketing calendar will help both with sharing information and reporting it.

VirtoSoftware can help you create this Integrated Marketing calendar, but we can do way more than just creating it. Marketing calendars are never as efficient as a standalone tool. Nobody wants to use one more service in addition to what we already use. Integrated calendars help to plan and communicate, but you also need to execute and track. Using a couple of Virto applications, you can create a convenient IT infrastructure supporting marketing operations.

  • at the low cost,
  • using a SharePoint platform or Office 365
  • keeping your data within it

And… it’s flexible. It’s all about YOUR business case.

So, let’s imagine an average marketing department of an average cat wear company that has set everything up already. All the data is kept on a company SharePoint platform and is utilized by several Virto apps used by different departments across the company. Everything is seamlessly connected to achieve productivity and transparency.

They have an Integrated Marketing calendar. Here is the calendar with campaigns they plan for this fiscal year. A bird-eye view that helps top management to oversee the activities and ensure control over the business.

Virto Calendar app

This calendar is auto-aggregated from the numerous SharePoint lists, which are also presented as Kanban boards. Why the Kanban and how it got here? You see, the marketing department runs multiple projects of different types. Some marketers manage dozens of those, and they value Virto Kanban for simplicity and this auto-aggregation feature.

What is important, both Virto Calendars and Kanban boards are just a visualization of the same data stored on SharePoint in SharePoint lists. So, despite there 2 instances look differently, they are the same. The data is the same, despite you can create many views, many boards, and numerous calendars to manage it.

So, all the events the company plans to have been aggregated into the Event Calendar. This calendar is available for all the stakeholders. Many even add it to their Outlook.

Virto Calendar for Sharepoint

There is a different view the marketing department use on the meetings: an overlay with the production calendar and the key dates on it. Marketing and production shall be synced up, aren’t they?

Virto Calendar weekly view

But let’s return to campaigns.

Every campaign is a separate SharePoint list. This list is displayed on several Virto Kanban boards, creating a per-project view.

Virto Kanban Board

You can filter this board to see the per-department view or to see the workload of a specific person or group.

Virto Kanban Board filter

The event managers also use a calendar overlay a lot to manage the workload of subcontractors. The external calendars are synced to the Virto Calendar app and are displayed in the joint Teams. On the following screenshot, you can see an external Outlook calendar of room availability for a company event. You can overlay any number of Outlook and iCal calendars with your data sources.

Virto Calendar card

Virto workflows take the summary tasks from the external projects and sync them to the corresponding per-campaign SharePoint lists. The campaign gets updated, and the integrated calendar instantly gets updated.

The marketing department uses the flexible notifications system, so when a product got delayed or the deadlines are changed, the corresponding marketing managers receive auto-notifications.

virto notification

This notification system is very flexible and can even auto-create personalized mails with the changes to external subcontractors, who cannot see the changes by default.

The value the marketing department produces is visible, everything is now predictable with an Integrated Marketing calendar. And the marketers value the system for its simplicity.

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