MakeSomeBreak for MS Teams – VirtoSoftware Launches New Free App

Meet MakeSomeBreak, the new online app for MS Teams by VirtoSoftware absolutely free.

VirtoSoftware releases MakeSomeBreak app for MS Teams. The application is absolutely free. Just find the app in the Teams app catalog and add it to your Teams site.

What is MakeSomeBreak app?

MakeSomeBreak app analyses your schedule in MS Teams calendar and sends blockers to secure your time for breaks.

Why We Decided to Create Such an App?

We live in a new reality where most organizations have to start working online. Remote work is a good chance to stay active even from home. And when you have meetings back-to-back all day long, you really need a break. But what if have just realized it’s time to have a rest and it’s too late to make it. Because you can’t change your schedule at the last moment. That is why we’ve designed MakeSomeBreaks that helps to plan breaks even forward, so you may be sure you’ll always have a couple of minutes for your caffeine boost before you get back to work.

One more reason to create MakeSomeBreak was our concern about kids. They also use MS Teams for remote education. Their schedule is also very tight, and very often there are no breaks planned. This may be very harmful to kids’ productivity at least and to their health as worst. MakeSomeBreak is a guarantee of a pause required between the lessons.

What are the Key Features of MakeSomeBreak?

Schedule a Break in your MS Teams Calendar. The MakeSomeBreak App for MS Teams analyses your schedule and sends blockers to secure your time for breaks in between meetings.

Forward breaks planning. Go forward in your calendar and add breaks for as far as you prefer.

Set the length of a meeting. The length of a single meeting, or the total time of several back-to-back meetings after which you want to schedule a break.

Set the length of a break. You can also define how long your breaks will be.

Exclude events by a keyword. You can find events by part of the title and exclude them. For example, you can exclude all “lunch” appointments to avoid break after break as it was.

Who needs MakeSomeBreak right now?

Certainly, we would highly recommend using the app to all MS Teams users — people working from home or anyone with a very tight schedule of meetings and business calls. We’re also sure the app will be very useful for students of educational organizations.

How to Install it?

Just find the app in the app catalog of MS Teams and add it to your Teams site.

Thank you for your interest in Virto products. We would appreciate any feedback from you about the MakeSomeBreak app.

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