Office 365 Calendar Updated with Cross-Site Event Color-Coding Feature

Office 365 Calendar by Virto has a bunch of new features for you. Now Virto Office 365 Calendar can display calendars from different site collections of your SharePoint tenant!
With this update, you are able to overlay all your events from any SharePoint Online calendars and from Exchange Online (Outlook) calendars as well.

The another great feature is the ability to adjust a specific calendar in the App Part for every SharePoint page! Just copy ID of required calendar to app part properties field.

Office 365 Calendar 1

Even with all available calendars your events will not be jumble together. With Virto SharePoint Online Calendar, your events from distinct calendars will be always displayed in a convenient view!

Also, you can adjust specific colors for different event types. Select a choice field, which will be used for color coded events and define custom color for each event type.

Office 365 Calendar 2

Now the color coded event will be displayed with a chosen color. The color marker on the left side of color coded events is corresponded to the data source color.

Office 365 Calendar 2

You can display the color legend by hovering the mouse point over data source name.

Office 365 Calendar 3

Virto Office 365 Calendar is a powerful enterprise-class scheduling add-in for SharePoint Online.
You can install the latest version of Virto Office 365 Calendar and try all its awesome features in 30-days fully functional free trial.

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