SharePoint Task Management: Choose Your Way to Stay Organized

SharePoint task management can become a time consuming part of your work without knowledge of certain features and benefits of ootb SharePoint task management system or without a proper third-party SharePoint task management tool. The smart approach to this issue can dramatically shorten the whole project planning cycle.

In this article we are going to learn some basic concepts of SharePoint task management.

Personal site

A personal site is the easiest way to keep track of your tasks and manage them from one location. You can see an aggregate view of all assigned to you tasks across the entire farm, regardless of where a task resides. You have the ability to edit the task by clicking on it and go directly to the site or list, which containing this task.

The timeline view allows you to display specified tasks in a Gantt chart style view, the most popular view for SharePoint task management. This is a convenient way to represent tasks list sequentially as tasks, subtasks and milestones with dates. Also, you can format the task with color and text styles.

You can display your tasks in timeline view by editing the web part properties and checking “Show timeline” box in web part settings.

Among the other SharePoint task management features:

Click the checkbox to mark the task as completed. Click exclamation point to mark the task as important. Make a task personal (visible to you only).

Project site

A SharePoint site with tasks gives you a whole view of all users tasks involved to a project. There you can choose a view according to SharePoint task management requirements. Several predefined views are available for a task list like Calendar, Completed, Gantt chart, Late Tasks, etc.

On a SharePoint site you can manage your tasks or other users tasks, in case you have according permission. A useful feature for SharePoint task management is the ability to create subtasks. This is an essential option to display large multi stage project with many tasks.

Microsoft Project

If your SharePoint task management processes require more flexibility, you can import and synchronize the SharePoint task list within Microsoft Project 2013 by clicking “Open with Project” option on the ribbon.

But the SharePoint task list will be opened in Microsoft Project outside your SharePoint site. In case you will perform your SharePoint task management in SharePoint environment only, you can use additional tools that enhance the ootb capabilities.

Third-party solution

Virtosoftware has developed the Virto Kanban Board for a smart SharePoint task management. This solution visualizes and filters tasks in SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013 and 2010.

SharePoint Kanban Board by Virto displays SharePoint task list in colorful and convenient view, where you can drag and drop and sort tasks between columns and swimlanes of a project to distinguish priority or responsibility of sub-processes.

You can quickly manage your tasks and create custom condition filters in a very simple and user friendly interface. SharePoint Kanban Board is a perfect solution for workload optimization and efficient SharePoint task management.

Learn more about all features of Office 365 SharePoint Kanban and SharePoint Kanban for SharePoint 2013 and 2010 on our site. You can download the 30-days free fully functional trials and explore how Virto Kanban turns your SharePoint task management into easy and pleasant process.

Also, we plan to add some awesome feature in the coming update! You will be able to use task notification system and track all changes in task activities stream. Stay tuned for news.

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