Special Price for Educational Organizations

VirtoSoftware provides a special offer for educational organizations. Read more to get the details and see how Virto One Cloud may help the education process. 

Education Nowadays

People all over the world tend to keep working and studying from home. That is the reality for today. Almost every business requires massive reorganization; teach your team to work with new tools and share information remotely. Educational organizations meet the same challenge. They have both organized an efficient working process for the faculty and prepared a comfortable environment for students.

Educational institutions have started to pay more attention to software tools in the last year. As a result, many of them work with Office 365 and MS Teams and build a new environment for the learning process. VirtoSoftware does understand the point. We boost the Office 365 and Teams ROI by offering new scenarios appropriate for education.

Virto ONE Cloud for O365 and Teams

Virto ONE Cloud for O365 and Teams package includes the most efficient tools for any education process. No matter, how complex is the system your organization needs! The group of Virto SharePoint apps for Office 365 and Teams will help you to boost productivity in a short time. You make just one purchase and get a set of useful applications to improve your working with Office 365 environment.

VirtoSoftware Supports Educational Organizations

For this reason, to support educational organizations we offer 15% off the price for Virto ONE Cloud package. Leave your request via email at [email protected] and we will contact you to provide details and assist you.

The list of Virto ONE Cloud Apps

So, which products does Virto ONE Cloud include, and how they can be useful for educational institutions. Let’s take a look.

1 Kanban Board

Use Virto Kanban Board for O365 to organize the learning process and manage the tasks of your team. Always be informed about any tasks’ completion, filter tasks by assignees, use customs styles to create a visual picture of what is going on. You can also add the board to MS Teams and use it directly from a separate tab of the Teams app.

2 Calendar

With Virto Calendar Online you can overlay calendars of your colleagues including the ones created in SharePoint, Outlook, MS Exchange, and Google. Color-code them to see which data sources the events belong to.

3 Alerts & Reminders

Virto Alerts App for Office 365  will help you schedule any alerts and reminders to track any specific changes in SP lists. You also can send alerts to MS Teams by creating a webhook.

4 Gantt chart

Virto Gantt Chart suits best if you need to show the hierarchy of tasks and see the inclusion of your team members in each project.

5 Resource Manager

Use Virto Resource Manager to track the overload of employees in a Gantt chart. This tool would be essential for teachers.

6 Portfolio Project Manager

Virto Portfolio Project Manager will help you to see the workload of human resources. In addition the Resource Manager will let you control the resource utilization.

7 Bulk Upload

Virto Bulk File Upload allows users to upload multiple files to an SP online library, including multiple attachments.

8 Forms Designer

Virto Forms Designer will let you customize SP list items and create forms according to your needs.

9 Workflows Pack

Use the Virto Workflows App to manage SP system and team processes with the help of automated 80+ no-code Designer Workflows.

You can find all of the apps in a single package for Virto ONE Cloud. Thank you for your interest in our products. As always, we would appreciate any feedback.

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