Charts of Virto SharePoint Kanban Board for Office 365 — Watch in Our Video

Watch our new video about using charts in the Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Online app for Office 365.

In our new video and this short article we’ll show you which charts you can use with the Virto Kanban Board Online app and how you can use them for your analysis:

  • tasks for a certain period;
  • overdue tasks and tasks completed in-time;
  • tasks grouped by assignee;
  • burndown and the work left to do.

Status Chart

So the first chart is Status. And here you can choose in the dropdown the field you need, the period to analyze, and the unit – number of tasks, percent, or budget. You can always save this chart as an image.


The same idea works with the second chart – Members. For example, see the board members who modified the tasks during the last month.

Completion Chart

Use this chart to see the tasks completed in-time and overdue. Since the data displayed in the chart comes from the SharePoint source list, the completed tasks may also be in other columns such as “Deferred” or “Need someone else”. You can add them to your report as well. Please, do not forget that this chart shows only the tasks with a due date set.

To see the report in detail, you can export the chart to a CSV file. In this format, you can sort the tasks and for instance, see the team members responsible for the overdue tasks.


The last chart is Burndown and it shows the tasks left to do. Use the dropdowns to define which tasks are supposed as open and closed ones.

Filter and Search

You can apply the filters to the charts the same way as you usually do with the Kanban board. First, set the filter for the board, then switch to charts.

If you remember, you can use the search on the board. You certainly can search for required data in charts as well. For example, search for tasks containing the keyword.

Thank you for your interest in Virto products. Be on the lookout for our new videos!

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