How to Generate an Event Reminder in SharePoint

If you want to get a notification a few days before an important contract expires or a document is due, you can make an event reminder with the Office 365 Alerts app. It is done with several simple steps.


First of all you navigate to “my alerts” and click on “add reminder”. Then you choose “alerts list” from the list, and after that you give a title to your reminder. Under “recipients” you can either enter a specific person or just enter an email.

Under “message view” you can enter your subject, and then you can add a header, footer and a body. You can as well add tags and field values in order to make your notification as detailed as you want it to be.
And finally, under “options” you can choose how to filter the items (either selecting all or by certain conditions). Then you choose when to send the reminder. Here you can set both the date and the time you want it to be sent.

When you save the reminder, you will be able to see it under “my alerts”. Now your SharePoint reminder is ready and will be sent to you the time set by you.

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