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How to Merge Office 365 Summary Alerts into One Alert Report

With a newest update of Virto Office 365 alerts add-in, you can merge several alerts in one report with a single table.

This case can be useful, if you need to create daily or weekly report and instead of receiving several letters, you can merge all list`s changes in one table.

Create an alert in Office 365 alerts add-in with daily or weekly summary condition.

Then create a table in email body. The alert body must contain the table only. The table must be the first element in your email body without spaces.

Define the header in the upper row of table. Header of table (upper row) must not contain any fields or symbols that can be changed during the alert sending.

Now you can add fields, which changes you will track in your alert.

If alert condition will be triggered a few times per day, all alert emails will be merged in a single daily (or weekly) summary alert.

You can download the fully free 30-days SharePoint alerts add-in to create informative alerts in your SharePoint Online. Try all its features right now!

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