Human Resources (HR) Department Automation

Human resources automation reduces time spent on administrative work and makes the working day less stressful for everyone.

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  • Requests management
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Employee file management, including employee self-service
  • Payroll and benefits management
  • Performance reviews
  • Complaints handling
  • Time off requests



Human resource automation allows your company to free up your HR workers from routine administrative tasks and dramatically simplifies HR processes.


Instead of having to spend hours or even full days with data entry, HR managers are free to focus on other tasks which has the added benefit of increasing both productivity and profit. Several different steps are involved in the hiring, employment and onboarding processes and each can be simplified with HR solutions by Virto. Form and workflow automation, notification system, employee self-service for administrative procedures, quick bulk file upload and calendaring options make the new employee onboarding much easier.

Virto solutions can reduce time for HR processes such as payroll administration, sick time, vacation time, workers’ compensation, recruiting, hiring and firing. Virto HR solutions renders new hire onboarding much simpler for the HR department and administrator. The new employee can also take an active role in organizational processes with relevant security permissions.


For example, an HR manager fills out the form for a new employee and the administrator receives the notification to create an account, then the administrator needs to create and adjust the new user account. It is also possible to clone another existing AD in a few seconds! All new hires’ personal data such as phone and address details can be filled out by the new user themselves and they are also able to change their new password.

With a single click, the HR manager starts the next operation, in which the salary, compensation and benefits documentation can be automatically created using a customized workflow. The same workflow can include the option to prepare a workplace request.

An email template with the job description can also be sent automatically to a new user and their co-workers. With smart automation, the HR manager has the ability to upload recruitment related documents to user accounts in bulk without adding files one by one.

Human Resources (HR) Department Automation

Other HR processes such as vacation requests or workers’ compensation can be executed in a few minutes. A user has to fill the certain fields of customized vacation forms and the Head of the department and/or HR manager receives the notification about changes in a vacation list immediately. Then the vacation request can be approved or denied, according to a vacation calendar view.

After the new records about employee vacation periods becomes available for colleagues in a shared color-coded group Calendar.

Human Resources (HR) Department Automation


HR automation project includes consulting, implementation, customization (if required), documentation and user guide preparation, and software licenses.

HR process management usually includes the following software:



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