Join our Free Office 365 Summit: “Future of work. Challenges Solved.”

VirtoSoftware jointly with Microsoft invites you to attend the free summit. Let’s dip into the new way of managing the business in today’s unexpected reality!

The year of 2020 made the business world meet the new reality. When we tried to organize the remote work for the quarantine period because of COVID-19, many companies had to admit they are not ready.


So, what were the greatest issues the companies met?

Homes into the Workplace

When your team is working in the office, there’s no issue of control. You see who’s working and who’s not. But when you have to send everybody home, what actions will help you to be sure your team is still active?

Unexpected Transition

We didn’t think it would be essential. We had no plan. How to plan in the crisis period? What tips we should focus on?

Massive Re-strategy

Meeting the new reality we had to think fast and make the right decisions. One of them was the correction of existing business plans according to the new way of work. How to do this efficiently in a short period of time?

New Technologies

Most teams and their managers had to master new software. The implementation of the new software is often a painful procedure. If it is too tough, you need to organize a special tutorial, you need time and patience. But what if you do not have time, and your team yet has no patience?


But we definitely did the thing and found that way to overcome these issues. Using the right business tools such as Office 365 and Virtosotware online applications in addition to a smart approach and clear mind let us resolve most part of them. That is why decided to organize the Office 365 Free Summit to share the solutions. Our speakers will tell you how we solved the 2020 challenges and what was the result. We will show how you can do the same as our clients.

Summit Key Speakers

Join us in February 2021!

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