Kanban-Based Human Resources Management

Tired from overtasking, complex scheduling demands, biased decision making? Streamline Your Hiring Process with Kanban-Based Human Resources Management.

Convert Process Management Time Into Productive Work Time and Quality Decision-Making

Kanban-Based HR Management

VirtoSoftware provides a Single Solution for:

  • Managing task volume and tracking deadlines.
  • Internal communications and approvals.
  • Sending automated letters and materials to candidates.
  • Meeting scheduling and automated reminders.
  • Centralized applicant details storage.
  • Applicant status and details updates, with real time tracking.
  • Automatic calculation of each candidate’s ratings for quick and unbiased selection.

Prevent loss of applicant information. Track everything in a single adaptive tool. Increase reporting and search capabilities. Need to search your existing records for a candidate to fill a new vacancy? Do it in seconds with the Virtosoftware Kanban-Based HR Management.

Maintain distance from your applicants while providing timely and consistent communication. Using templates, you can provide formatted communications with personalized touches. Easily include standard legal text and company branding.

Kanban-Based HR Management provides an automatic calculation of each candidate’s ratings for quick and unbiased selection

Check all VirtoSoftware Kanban-Based Human Resources Management features and streamline your hiring process.

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