New Virto Office 365 Workflow Actions

The Virto Office 365 workflow activities kit was extended with 11 new actions.
We have added new workflows for list processing, date and string processing, administration and permission management actions.

Here is the freshly baked activity portion:

  • Rename folder
  • Item exists in the list
  • Workflow is running
  • Convert date from local time to UTC
  • Convert date from UTC to local time
  • Get date property
  • Create SharePoint site
  • Set default permission group
  • Set SharePoint group’s owner
  • Decode web text
  • Encode web text

Office 365 workflows

The whole set of Virto Office 365 Workflows is available for download on our site. Now, the set contains over 80 SharePoint Designer custom actions.

If you have not found a required workflows activity on the list, you may order a tailored activity. VirtoSoftware develops custom SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 workflows activities within 2-3 business days. Contact our Support team to request it.

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