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In this article we’ll demonstrate the detailed Office 365 migration guide with direct steps to migrate your on-premise SharePoint portal to the Office 365 Cloud smoothly, while increasing efficiency and improving performance.

office 365 migration steps

Office 365 Migration Basics

Office 365 is constantly evolving and expanding the range of benefits and features, but the planning, launch, upgrade, and whole Office 365 migration process seems often too challenging, despite all the advantages of a new environment. Office 365 migration is not the kind of decision you make easily, but every successful company gets to a point one day, where it needs to grow beyond its current capabilities. In most cases, the switch is forced by the arrival of a roadblock or problem that will drive an organization to migrate. Sometimes it becomes essential to develop a new path and a long-term strategic vision to stay on top and achieve new levels due to constant progress in modern technologies. Daily business processes gradually become too complicated, demanding more progressive and powerful solutions. You may also have to move a company’s offline applications, transfer databases, or share files in a more convenient environment, which Office 365 provides.

office 365 migration guide

Frustrating experience can be avoided by developing a detailed plan with clear Office 365 migration steps, choosing wiselyOffice 365 migration tools, and inviting a professional team of managers and analysts with experience in setting up and maintainingOffice 365 migration process. Collaboration makes a huge difference during the migration process and significantly increases the chance of a successful outcome and smoother transition. Almost 70% of companies engage with external experts and consulting services for migration planning and supervising. A professional and independent point of view and specific Office 365 migration tools help to avoid the most common mistakes and optimizes your project scheme in every stage.

Office 365 migration guide includes the following key stages:

  • Understanding the goals and benefits of the migration, including review of existing applications, database structure and business processes, which need to be migrated.
  • Improvement of database structure schema and business processes.
  • Reproduction of database structure and business process logic in Office 365 environment.
  • Export all required data.
  • Mapping old platform’s data and Office 365 data, including lists, metadata, users, permissions, names of the processes, stages, etc.
  • Import old data with Office 365 migration tools according to the mapping data in the testing environment.
  • Focus user’s group training.
  • Improve your application per user voice and issue report.
  • Migrate to the production environment.
  • Massive user training and adoption.

VirtoSoftware has the knowledge, methodology, and experts to make your SharePoint migration experience easy and smooth. Let us help your business evolve. If you are planning or thinking on migrating to SharePoint On-Premise or to Office 365, have any questions or need consulting, contact us and we’d be happy to speak with you!

Office 365 Migration Guide – Whitepaper

This VirtoSoftware Office 365 migration guide highlights migration issues and critical considerations for upgrading and migrating from SharePoint On-Premise to the Cloud.

  • The right time to migrate
  • Environment analysis
  • Content sections audit
  • Available Office 365 migration tools
  • Time-frames and budgets
  • Solid migration planning

Office 365 Migration Steps

The smooth and significantly more successful Office 365 migration steps and process.

    1. Current environment analysis

This audit helps estimate the current infrastructure and its volume, and highlight the project course. Identify the content types and components to migrate. When figuring out the content’s total size, we can foresee the time frames of the migration.

    1. Available tools and environments

This kind of research allows us to ensure the new environment is the right place and has the proper set of features for your company’s further growth. Choosing the right tools best suiting your needs is probably the most important decision we would need to take, while going through the migration process.

    1. Clear vision of migration goals

Together with you we define which goals we would like to achieve with the migration.These goals help to focus on the most important steps and milestones of the migration scheme.

    1. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance

Cross-departmental communication and involvement of the system users is a great practice that also affects the way they will respond to the new environment. Collaboration makes a huge difference during the migration process and increases the chance of successful outcome and smoother transition.

    1. A solid main plan and a plan B too

We create the migration roadmap, split the stages and transform it, optimize and check the result.

    1. User adoption

Users’ training, support, and adaptation can become no less stressful than the migration tasks themselves. We inform users about the bright opportunities and more powerful abilities that come with the new set-up onboarding them to the new portal.

Free Office 365 Migration Guide – Video

Making SharePoint Migration Plan

Office 365 Migration in Action

Driving user adoption


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