SharePoint 2013 Workflow Updated with 19 New Actions

We have recently added new SharePoint 2013 workflows to our Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities kit, which contains now over 250 custom actions.

We extended SharePoint permissions workflows with our new 19 SharePoint 2013 workflows:

  • Stop inhereting permissions on list item/on list/on site.
  • Restore inhereting permissions on list item/on list/on site.
  • Add user to SharePoint group.
  • Check if user is a member of SharePoint group.
  • Get members of SharePoint group.
  • Grant Permission on list item/on list/on site.
  • Remove all list item permissions/all list permissions/all site permissions.
  • Remove permissions from list item/from list/from site .
  • Remove user from SharePoint group.

These SharePoint 2013 workflow activities can be used to manage SharePoint permissions in list items, in list or in site. With this set of new SharePoint 2013 workflows you can override or append SharePoint permissions and check users permissions in SharePoint groups.

Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities Extensions Kit contains over 250 activities for creating custom SharePoint workflows. It allows you to manage SharePoint sites and lists, send e-mail and sms, work with Active Directory groups, set permissions, and more. SharePoint Workflow Activities Extensions Kit works in both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. Learn more about all SharePoint 2013 workflow activities on our site!

Also, you can check out our Virto SharePoint Workflow Suite, which consists of:
SharePoint Workflow Activities kit
SharePoint Status Monitor
SharePoint Workflow Scheduler

This set of tools allows you to manage workflows, using visual, intuitive designed solutions provided with an impressive set of 250+ activities and conditions for creating custom SharePoint workflows. Three web parts are united to work with SharePoint workflows including monitoring and scheduling them into a single bundle. Use collection of over 250 activities, create custom workflows, adjust schedule of workflows running and monitor all of them with Virto tools. All bundle components work in SharePoint 2013, 2010, and 2007.

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