SharePoint Kanban for SharePoint On Premises update 6/2020

We are glad to announce the new version of Virto SharePoint Kanban on-premises with improved tooltip and edit form. Please look at the new Kanban features prepared to enhance your work with Kanban.

Tooltip and edit/view form

First, we have changed the tooltip and edit/view form for the Virto SharePoint Kanban board. Now the improved UI of the Kanban board allows you to display tooltip and edit form in a single place. The only thing you have to do is just to switch the toggle and adjust the content as you wish.

Second, the tooltip and view/edit form are renamed. Now you should switch to the “Short view” to see the tooltip and to the “Full view” if you need to open the view/edit form. When you click on a task, the short view (tooltip) will be opened in the right part of the app.  And exactly in the same pop-up, you can switch to the full view (view/edit form). Please note, that the tooltip and edit form were renamed on the Settings page as well.

Comments in a separate tab

We have also changed the Kanban comments. Now they are available in a task’s short form in a separate tab. Click on a task and switch from the Description tab to the Comments.

In case you need to mention a user in the comments, just type @username. The default comments notification is also active in Kanban Settings.

Highlighted Users

Another change has been made for you to highlight users with red in case they have no email. When you assign the task to a user without email or add him to the list of watchers, he displays it as red-highlighted. Now you will know for sure that you should notify this user individually because he cannot receive an email alert.

Separate URL for each card

And finally, now each card has a separate URL. It is used in the notification you receive in the mail. You can also copy it from the address bar when the card is open.

All the described Kanban changes are already available for SharePoint 2019, 2016, and 2013 versions.

Thank you for your interest in Virto products. We would appreciate any feedback on our new forms. You can download the latest version of SharePoint Kanban on our site or try its 30-days free trial.

Download Kanban for SharePoint 2019

Download Kanban for SharePoint 2016

Download Kanban for SharePoint 2013

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