SharePoint Password Reset Tool Allows to Reset and Change Passwords in an OU

SharePoint Password Reset and Recovery web part is designed for quick and simple resolution of situations when a user forgets their password or the password expires according to password security policy. In such cases, users typically need to contact their AD administrator every time they need to perform a SharePoint password reset or change. Managing user access becomes significantly easier with the SharePoint change password feature, allowing users to securely update their own passwords without administrator intervention.

SharePoint Password Reset allows any user logged in to the SharePoint 2013, 2010, or 2007 portal using Active Directory (AD) authentication to reset or change their password without contacting the administrator. A new temporary password will be sent to the user’s email or displayed online, depending on the configuration of SharePoint reset password feature.

sharepoint password reset

Any user authorized on the SharePoint site with an AD login (including remote access cases) can request a new password. If a user cannot be authorized on the SharePoint site but needs access, the SharePoint Password Reset web part can be installed on a special WSS SharePoint site with anonymous access. This way, users who cannot log in to the SharePoint site can easily reset SharePoint password or change it.

Users can request a new password on the site online or receive it by email. According to the security policy of SharePoint Password Reset, in the first case, before the password change, the user will be prompted to answer some security questions (from one to three). Security questions are set by the system administrator, and the values can be taken from corresponding fields of the AD profile (for instance, date of birth, mobile phone, etc.).

The latest 3.1.1 version of the SharePoint Password Reset web part has a new awesome feature to make your work with AD users’ passwords more comfortable and effective.

Now you can allow a group of users from the organizational units to reset SharePoint password.

sharepoint change password

You can download the fully functional 30-days trial version of SharePoint Password Reset and try all its features of SharePoint reset password and SharePoint change password.

SharePoint Password Reset is a part of Virto SharePoint Password Management tools that includes also SharePoint Password Expiration and Change SharePoint Password web parts.

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