Best SharePoint Web Parts: Advantages and Best Practices

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful software-based platform that fosters seamless collaboration and productivity among employees. One of its standout features is the ability to create customizable websites using template-driven publications and expertly styled components.

In this article, we’ll delve into the best SharePoint web parts, showcasing how they enhance the platform’s functionality and elevate the user experience to new heights.

What SharePoint Can Do

SharePoint excels in addressing a wide range of business needs, primarily by eliminating workflow organization-related issues. This is achieved through task scheduling, user profile management, and providing employees with valuable software components such as calendar plans, list forms, workflow activities for process automation, and bulk file management tools. The best SharePoint web parts further enhance these capabilities, making Microsoft SharePoint an effective tool for:

  1. Collaborative work between physically separated co-workers in real time;
  2. Electronic communication among all employees of an organization;
  3. Automation of labor activities.

Thus, SharePoint serves as an online medium for the continuous utilization of templates required to control and manage corporate data. Users can easily construct new network resources in their browser without any help from qualified developers, thanks to this elaborate solution.

Why Use Best SharePoint Web Parts

Web parts for SharePoint is a special type of service element. They can help customize content, layout and a set of adjustable scripts in particular pages via a web interface.

The web parts can be combined in a particular order and are “attached” to the website’s pages so that the administrator is able to configure them.

Advantages of the best SharePoint web parts include versatility and inter-combinability, making them a very useful addition to SharePoint’s basic set of tools. While observing the examples of software solutions divided by categories given below, you will discover that SharePoint utilization can be even more productive and simple.

Best SharePoint Web Parts

  • Form Web Parts. This type of web part can be used to establish a connection and work with data located in other web parts functioning on the same server.
  • Image Web Part. These web parts serve the purpose of allocating and stylizing the pictures (e.g., their alignment on the page or customization of background features).
  • List View Web Part. This web part displays data in various ways for various purposes, e.g. filtering and sorting.
  • Site Users Web Part. This allows the user to set access restrictions to certain pages of the website.
  • XML Web Part. This part is used to transform XML files via XSLT and display data.

Furthermore, the best SharePoint web parts designed to work with narrow-focus, specialized tasks. Thus, VirtoSoftware–one of the leading web parts’ vendors, provides an extensive set of additional capabilities for SharePoint, which can be divided into categories as follows:

  • Team work. Such web parts as calendar (for upcoming events and task scheduling from several lists in one view), SharePoint lists form designer and others can greatly facilitate the organization of teamwork;
  • User administration. If we are to discuss irreplaceable administrative software tools, we must, undoubtedly, point out AD User Profile Service, and Create & Clone AD User Account web parts. Instead of default SharePoint AD management abilities that are not convenient at all, an intuitive, accessible visual interface is used in these components, so it is a great time saver for SharePoint administrators;
  • Alerts system. A standard SharePoint notification system is not that configurable. VirtoSoftware, however, offers software products with their own approach to configuration and messaging via e-mail (these functions are implemented through the user-friendly interface without the need for coding). Virto Software Alerts and Reminders web part has a trigger system that can automate the sending of notifications, which can become especially handy in large organizations with numerous employees;
  • Task and project management. Kanban Board and Gantt Chart View web parts can help maintain and keep control of internal work on various projects. Both tools have visualization elements intended to make a project’s flow transparent and easy manageable.
  • Work with large file arrays. Such web parts as Bulk File Delete, Bulk File Download, HTML5 File Bulk Upload, Bulk File Copy and Move, Bulk Check in and Approve can rapidly process and execute various operations with a large amount of data (e.g., file libraries, large media files, etc.) without the need for processing files individually. A full package of web parts for work with bulk files can be purchased at a discount.
  • Password administration. For a complex approach to the management of passwords you can use the following three web parts: Password Change Web Part, Password Reset and Recovery Web Part and Password Expiration Web Part;
  • Workflow suite. Workflow Activities Kit, Workflow Scheduler and Workflow Status Monitor are the three VirtoSoftware components developed specifically for in-depth workflow management. We recommend that organizations that work with a number of projects simultaneously consider the SharePoint Workflow Activities Extensions Kit, which includes more than 270 extensive solutions for work with SharePoint Designer and is reasonably priced. VirtoSoftware also offers a service of custom actions development by request.

How Can Web Parts Ease Your Life?

As mentioned above, SharePoint web parts best practices provide the ability to create a special web environment for organizations without the help of a permanently hired team of developers. One will achieve an astoundingly efficient and user-friendly solution with the help of web parts that can optimize the workflow and make work with SharePoint simpler and more comfortable. A list of the best SharePoint web parts can be viewed here

All-in-One Solution with the Best SharePoint Web Parts

Virto ONE is a multi-purpose software package that provides a new level of approach to workflow organization and was developed specifically for the solution of the most challenging business tasks. It includes over 50 effective best SharePoint web parts. The license gives the right to utilize all the web parts (including the updates and essentially new software) for an entire year at an incredibly reasonable price. The general advantages of Virto ONE software include:

  • Reasonably priced, multi-purpose products;
  • Single license: no need to check the due date of licenses for several products as there is only one license applied to all the software.
  • One package solution: numerous issues can be resolved with a single software package, which is very elaborate for companies beginning or expanding their work with SharePoint.

Virto ONE software is a great choice both for those just beginning to work with SharePoint as well as companies that have utilized SharePoint for years.

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