Meet SharePoint Workflows 2013 Update

SharePoint workflow activities kit has 15 new administration activities for SharePoint 2013! Now our  Virto SharePoint activities kit contains over 270 activities for creating custom SharePoint workflows.

The range of SharePoint workflow use cases can be really huge. With Virto SharePoint activities kit you are able to automate almost any business process in your SharePoint!

New Virto SharePoint 2013 workflow activities list:

– Activate / deactivate SharePoint feature
– Create SharePoint group / list or document library / site / site collection
– Delete SharePoint group / list or document library / site / site collection
– Get site property as string
– Start list workflow / site workflow
– Update SharePoint group properties / site properties

Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities Extensions Kit allows you to manage SharePoint sites and lists, send e-mail and sms, work with Active Directory groups, set permissions, and more.

Learn more about all SharePoint 2013 workflow activities and download 30 days free trial right now!

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