The SharePoint Online Backup and Recovery Tool Available for Download

Meet our new component for SharePoint Online, which allows you to backup and recover your valuable SharePoint content from site-collection or separate site!

Virto Backup and Recovery for Office 365 is a simple data protection solution for SharePoint Online environments.

You can store your data for only 14 days by default Microsoft conditions, but with Virto Backup and Recovery you can not worry if someday you wouldn’t able to find some important old documents or files.

Virto Backup and Recovery saves all your content from SharePoint Online is a folder with time stamp, so you can just ask an Administrator to restore your document for any chosen period.

With Virto Backup and Recovery solution, you can be sure that your sensitive data wouldn’t be missed for any reason.You can download Virto SharePoint Online Backup and Recovery fully functional 30-days trial and try it in your SharePoint environment right now!

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