Virto Forms Designer Overview

Virto Forms app is a web based forms designer with which you can customize SharePoint list item forms and make them easier to use. Watch the video overview to learn about the Forms Designer features.


If you click on Virto Forms app you will get to the app’s interface. Here you can drag and drop fields and create customized SharePoint forms to make it easier for users to fill out. You can drag buttons, as well as create images, hyperlinks and html to customize your fields in the way you like.

On the top you can find options for saving your form as an edit form, new form or display form depending on the situation.

You can also choose particular parts of the form to be shown to particular user groups only. In this case users can see only the information they are allowed to, based on the permissions. There is also the option of making fields “read only” so that after your submission users are able to only see the details of the form.

For example, if you create a display form and add a text to it which you don’t want to be seen on your edit form, after you save it and go back to your lists, you’ll notice that when you click on the list item, you will see the text that you typed in as a display form. But if you go back to the lists and click on “edit the form”, the text won’t be available.

Virto Forms is one of the most powerful SharePoint forms designers thanks to the various capabilities and easy-to-use interface.

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