Virto Gantt Chart On-Premise for SharePoint: New Engine, Changed Style, and Filters

Updated Virto SharePoint Gantt Chart web part is ready for download and use. Take a look at what we have prepared for you!

We have released the updated versions of the Virto SharePoint Gantt Chart web part for SharePoint! Now the web part works on the new engine and has a new style.

Gantt Chart on TreeGrid Engine

We have changed the engine the Gantt Chart worked on.  Now the web part works on the TreeGrid engine which is the fastest Ajax grid for tables, grids, and charts. Now you can enjoy the new style of the Gantt Chart with all the features you are used to and improved performance.

As in previous versions, you can drag-and-drop tasks to change tier duration and start/end date, change the timescale, set parent-child relations, indent\outdent tasks, and add milestones.

For example, to change the timescale, use the zoom buttons above the chart.

View/Edit Form

Or let’s try to edit a task. If you double-click it, the edit form appears. As you remember, the set of fields displayed in the form is fully customizable. Just choose the ones you need to show in the Gantt settings. This is how the form looks in the new style.

Filter by Dates

The updated version of the Gantt Chart web part for SharePoint has improved filtering by date. Now you can use a wide range of operators to search for tasks planned for a certain period of time. The operators are “Equal”, “Not equal”, “Less than”, “Less than or equal”, “Greater than”, “Greater than or equal”. Use them to specify start or end date of tasks.

German Localization

Good news for our German customers! Virto Gantt Chart web part now is also available in German.

Virto Gantt Chart web part is a SharePoint project management tool intended to visualize complex and multi-level tasks with a few clicks. Visit the product page to learn more about the solution and download the latest version for SharePoint 2019 (2013 and 2016 are coming soon). Thank you for your interest in Virto products!

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