Virto Kanban App Update 09/2017

We have good news for you! The last update of Virto Office 365 Kanban comes with a bunch of amazing features and you will want them right now.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn from scratch how to adjust the SharePoint Kanban settings. We have added the new design while keeping and simplifying the same steps of board customization. Moreover, all your existing Virto Kanban boards will be supported without any changes.

The SharePoint Kanban board has an improved design, more options to customize cards’ view, and we added the most sought-after feature to merge several SharePoint lists on one board! Now, you can manage several projects in one Office 365 Kanban and have all your boards created on this tenant in a single view.

Several lists displayed on one board

Finally, we have added the ability to merge SharePoint lists on a single Kanban board! This way, you can manage any projects requiring the presence of distinct lists. The lists are grouped by content types. For example, you can merge tasks lists from distinct sites across your site collection.

View all created boards from the tenant

You can have all SharePoint Kanban boards in one view. Edit them, view statistics, and create new boards in a few minutes.

New abilities to customize a task’s view

Virto Office 365 Kanban app has the option to select the size of task on the board. You can choose small, medium, or large size.

The set of fields to display on a task card is also customizable. You can also select any list fields to display them on the card.

We are intended to support the previous version of Office 365 Kanban until October 31, 2017. You can use both versions for now, any we would highly appreciate any feedback from you about your experience with the new Virto SharePoint Kanban.

Try new Office 365 Kanban and let us now what you think at [email protected]


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