All Virto Products are Now Compatible with SharePoint 2016

We have completed migration of all Virto products for SharePoint 2016, so you can continue to use your favorite products if you decide to migrate.

SharePoint 2016 web parts 1

An ultimate update includes the following SharePoint 2016 web parts:
SharePoint Bulk Data Edit
SharePoint Workflow Status Monitor
SharePoint Bulk File Delete
SharePoint Clock And Weather web part
SharePoint Incoming E-mail Feature
SharePoint Custom List Menu
SharePoint Media Player
SharePoint Resource Utilization
SharePoint Social Aggregator
SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup
SharePoint URL Shortener
SharePoint Custom Mask

You can download any Virto products that are fully compatible with SharePoint 2016.

And do not forget about the benefits of a Virto ONE license!

VirtoONE allows you to use all 50+ Virto components for Microsoft SharePoint at a special price. This is a 1-year subscription for all our web parts, including free upgrades, migration, and future new products.

All users of the Virto ONE license receive all SharePoint 2016 web parts for free. If your company already migrated to SharePoint 2016, the VirtoONE licensing solution is the best choice to anticipate all possible business needs and provide your SharePoint environment with premium products!

Sergi Sinyugin
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