Virto Calendar Overlay App update

Virto SharePoint Calendar for Office 365 displays multiple categories from Outlook and has the option to select data storage location, get attachment support, and option to copy a data source.

Displaying multiple categories

You can select multiple categories for an Outlook event and display their color markers on an event in the Virto Office 365 Calendar.

Category filters use the “OR” operator. This means if you select in category legend 2 categories, all events containing at least one of these categories will be displayed.

Displaying multiple categories for Outlook events in Virto Calendar

Data storage location for choice

You can change the data storage location on your SharePoint Online Calendar settings page. West US is a default location.

calendar data storage location

Copy a data source

We have added the ability to copy a SharePoint data source. When you click the “copy” icon on a data source, you create a copy with a number after the original data source name: Example  > Example(1). Then, you can add the necessary changes and save the copy with another name.

how to copy a data source

Attachments support

We’ve enhanced attachment support for Sharepoint Lists and Exchange events (options to add, view, and delete attachments).

Learn more about all the features of the Virto SharePoint Calendar app on our site!

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