VirtoSoftware Contributes to the Global War With Coronavirus

Virtosoftware contributes to the global fight with coronavirus and helps companies to stay efficient while working remotely. That’s why, starting from 23rd of March 2020 VirtoSoftware offers an unprecedented 99% discount for the 6-month Virto Kanban Board for Office 365 license.

​The threats and challenges posed by the Covid-19 coronavirus are global and extreme. Companies all over the world are transferring their employees to remote work from homes and adapt business processes correspondingly to maintain their business KPIs. This puts the correct work organization and employee remote work management at the forefron​t of 2020 business challenges.

VirtoSoftware is also heavily based on the remote workforce. Successfully delivering software solutions for Fortune 500 customers for the past 10 years, VirtoSoftware uses effective remote project management solution and resources control web part  Virto Kanban Board for Office 365.

Based on the board decision the company wants to contribute to the global fight with coronavirus and offer assistance to companies that faced with new challenges and want to maintain their business processes efficiency in the remote mode.

Starting from 23rd of March 2020 VirtoSoftware offers an unprecedented 99% discount for the 6-month Virto Kanban Board for Office 365 license.​ Your Coupon Code to get the discount: NoCovid-19.

Virto Kanban Board is already used by thousands of companies around the world and is one of the fastest growing project management solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 environments. The offer is valid until April 30th, 2020.

​”These new measures from VirtoSoftware will allow businesses to maintain their processes during the pandemic and organize remote workforce in SharePoint. Our team puts these 2 cents in the global war with Covid-19,” said Dmitry Leytner, CEO of VirtoSoftware.

By receiving the 99% discount from VirtoSoftware you authorize possible joint PR activities that may include a publication of a case study, mentioning of your company in the press release, during online or onsite event, etc.

Sergi Sinyugin
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