What is a Kanban Board?

Kanban is Japanese word for “visual signal” or “signboard”. In the late 1940s, Toyota line-workers used a Kanban to improve and maintain a high level of production.
The visual nature of Kanban system allowed teams to communicate more easily and helped to reduce waste and maximize value in project management.

The Kanban card is a message which signals reduce of products, inventory, or parts. Typically, these cards are displayed on a whiteboard in the form of sticky notes and lanes on the board that show the steps in a project process.

So, what is Kanban today?

A Kanban board is a visual project management tool that is clear and effective at collaborating on all levels of the organization. Kanban displays a large amount of information using cards, colors, columns, user icons and other visual indicators that help team improve the workflow. Most teams which use Kanban software develop their own unique configuration, emphasizing the priority of their business processes. Teams can set column names reflecting their workflow and define special markers for every Kanban card according to their needs.

Kanban software is more flexibility for ongoing process improvement than classical project management tool or task management software. Kanban system improves team communication and provides instant project tracking for team members in different locations and among teams involved in different parts of project. Besides, a good Kanban software system has ability to generate metrics and give insight into the progress and predictability of work processes.

Regardless of team size or industry type, companies can benefit from using online Kanban software easily identifying ways to maximize resources and assigning tasks to the right people. Once implemented, Kanban Board as a project management tool can save companies thousands of hours per year in overhead while revealing further savings opportunities that will be passed along to customers.

It’s important to select flexible Kanban software which can be easily integrated with existing systems of company. This is why we at VirtoSoftware created powerful and convenient Kanban board for SharePoint. You can adjust this Kanban software to your business needs and also request unique component features from VirtoSoftware developers.

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