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SharePoint Kanban Board: Adding a Task List

Need to create a SharePoint Kanban Board for a task list inside SharePoint Online? Here you can find step-by-step directions on how to do that.

To begin with, you navigate to your site contents and click on Kanban Board for Office 365 there. That will lead you to your board collections. If you want to create a new board, you simply click on the button “create new board”. Then you create a name and a brief description for the board. After that, from “open lists picker”, you choose “task” for “available content-type” and pick the list or lists you want to make changes to. For the next step, you add your settings for the columns under “board setup”. You can delete or move around the columns. You can as well change the maximum amount of tasks in each column.

Next, you can control the swimlanes organizing them both by priorities and by users. Then you scroll down to filters. Here you can select what exactly you want to see on your Kanban Board. Under “cards setup” you can specify such task information as task title field, card title field, users field, due date, border color, and card size.

Under “advanced setup” there is an option “add filter” for you to customize your SharePoint board based on “conditions”. You can also create notifications so that if you, for example, want to be alerted of high priority tasks, you can enter your email address, and change the condition of “priority” to “high”. “Permissions” allow users to manage only their own tasks or those of others.

After saving your settings, you will be able to see your Kanban Board with the changes you have applied to it.
This tool is in fact very useful as it allows you to get a good overview of what’s going on in different projects your team is working on.

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