Virto Kanban App Update 11.2/2017

The Office 365 Kanban Board app was enriched with new functionality which makes your SharePoint task routines more pleasant.


You are provided with new filter options which can be managed right on the interactive board interface. Now, you can create new filters with the “+” button.

It is possible to set a new created filter as default. You can customize the visibility of filter as well.

Personal User Filters

The SharePoint Kanban board by Virto allows you to add personal filters.

If you select the “is available for everyone” checkbox, all the other users will have an access to the filter. If you do not enable this option, the filter will be saved as a personal filter. The filter will be available only for the user who created it.


We have added the ability to add comments to SharePoint Kanban task cards.You can enable the option by adding a custom column to the content type.

The column must be of the ‘Multiple Lines Of Text’ type and must have the ‘Append Changes to Existing Text’ checkbox enabled.

Also, you should enable the Item Version History option on the list versioning settings page.

The new Comments option is available on task tooltips. SharePoint task management with Virto Office 365 Kanban became easier!

New Action Panel Buttons

We added useful buttons to the SharePoint Kanban action panel. The “Hide empty swimlanes” button allows you to hide all swimlanes which do not contain any tasks at the moment.

The “Collapse all swimlanes” button can be used to minimize the swimlanes, which you are not working with, in order to work with particular swimlanes only.

Dynamic Swimlanes

When enabling the “Dynamic swimlanes” checkbox on the Office 365 Kanban Board setting page, the swimlanes’ content starts being taken from the corresponding SharePoint list and gets unavailable for customizing. This feature may be useful, when the swimlanes, which belong to the same SharePoint list, are subject for constatnt change. Thus, you don’t have to change the swimlane settings manually on SharePoint Online Kanban Board, and the swimlanes will be added or deleted automatically.

If you use a specific swimlane set for your board, you may disable this option and apply more flexible customization.

Favorite Boards

From now on, you can mark your mostly used SharePoint Kanban boards with Star.

Free Plan Added

Here’s the great news for trial users! We have improved the Virto Kanban Board’s pricing, and from now on, the fully functional app became free for 1-3 users for unlimited time.

Download the new Office 365 Kanban app and start your free trial.

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