Customer Case: Booking Meeting Rooms in SharePoint

Our customer required a possibility to book Outlook meeting rooms from within SharePoint Online. Let’s explore how it was perfored with Virto Office 365 calendar app.

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Business Requirements

  • A single view to combine and manage all events from Exchange Online shared calendars and SharePoint Online calendars.
  • A possibility to create events in SharePoint Online calendar and book conference rooms sourced in Exchange Online.
  • Send out meeting invitations to SharePoint users, Exchange addresses and external addresses.

Virto Software Components Used

Virto Office 365 Calendar App

Solution Summary

  1. Add Exchange Online calendars to the list of calendars available in SharePoint Online.<./li>
  2. Next, create a new event for the Exchange calendar right in the Virto calendar app. There you can see the same fields as in default Exchange Online form.
  3. Select event location according to Outlook meeting rooms availability, add attendees from Exchange, SharePoint and external emails, add a description and save the event.


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