Customer Case: Displaing SQL List Events in Virto Office 365 Calendar

The simple solution to add events from a SQL database to Office 365 calendar

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Business Requirements

Add events from a SQL database to Office 365 calendar

Virto Software Components Used

Office 365 Calendar add-in.

Solution Summary

Carnegie Hall in NY requires a SharePoint Online calendar that syncs with their SQL event lists.

Virto SharePoint Calendar web part for SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007 has the ability to overlay events from external data sources including Exchange Calendar, Google Calendar, SalesForce Calendar, SQL Tables and XML.

But Virto SharePoint Online Calendar does not support direct connection to SQL Server. However, you can add a SQL list to your Office 365 calendar with a few simple steps. You need to create External Content Type for your SQL server table and then create External List in your SharePoint Online which will display events from your SQL table. Then you can use this list as datasource for Virto Calendar for SharePoint Online.

What to do:

Step 1: Set permissions on the BCS Metadata Store

Step 2: Create a Secure Store Mapping

Step 3: Create an External Content Type (ECT)

Step 4: Create an External List

Step 5: Grant permissions to manage your ECT

Step 6: Select External List as a data source

Where to do it:

SharePoint admin center (in SharePoint Online)

SharePoint admin center (in SharePoint Online)

SharePoint Designer 2010 OR Visual Studio

SharePoint admin center (SharePoint Online)

SharePoint admin center (SharePoint Online)

Learn more how to create External List from SQL Azure Table.

Now you can add created SQL list as a regular data source to any of your Office 365 calendars.

SharePoint form with tabs and

Now you can overlay any number of SharePoint calendars, external SQL lists, Exchange Online Calendars, including Meeting rooms, in a single view of Virto Office 365 Calendar Add-in.

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