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How to Add a Virto Modern Web Part to your SharePoint Site

This article describes how you can add any Virto modern web part to your SharePoint site. Follow the steps we offer and enjoy the SharePoint modern experience with Virto Modern web parts.

SharePoint Classic and Modern Experience

Microsoft SharePoint allows its users all over the world to choose between two basic UI interfaces:  the classic experience and the modern experience. First of all, lets us see the difference and why you would probably prefer one of them.

Classic SharePoint Experience

Classic experience is the SharePoint interface that is familiar to most users. It requires more steps of configuration than a modern experience but stays highly customizable for its users.

Though Microsoft focuses on supporting Modern experience, the classic experience may be the option for many cases. For example, there is a group of classic features that are not available in the modern view. Such as several column types and some customization preferences.

A major reason to migrate from the classic experience is limited mobile support and less usability.

Modern SharePoint Experience

Modern experience is ready to use,  intuitive interface with fully supported SharePoint functionality. It is available in SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and in SharePoint 2019 server (some modern experiences). Modern pages are also available for use on mobile devices without any special modifications.

Please, find in this article the full list of differences between the new and classic experiences for lists and libraries.

How to switch between Classic and Modern mode

If you’re using the classic mode, click “Exit classic mode” on the left of the Site contents page.

Classic mode

To switch to the modern mode, click “Return to classic mode“.

Modern mode

How to add Virto Modern web part

VirtoSoftware provides the use of modern web parts for SharePoint. Here you can see how to add any Virto modern web part to your SharePoint site. The example is for the Virto Calendar Modern web part. But the procedure is absolutely the same for other Virto modern web parts. At the end of the article, you can find all the direct links for SPKKG files downloading.


Step 1. First, to start using the Virto Modern web part, please download the SPPKG package (


Step 2. Then go to your tenant app catalog and open Sharepoint Admin Center.

Admin center in sharepoint


Step 3. Navigate to apps. Open the App Catalog.

Open App catalog

Step 4. Choose Apps for Sharepoint.

Apps for SP

Step 5. Click upload and choose the downloaded package. After adding you will see the app in the list.

Choose the package

Step 6. Then navigate to the Site contents of your SP site and click on “Add an app”.

See the app

Step 7. Finally, choose “From your organization” and click on “Virto Calendar Modern Web part”.

Add an app

​Step 8. When you add the app, you will be able to add the Modern Web part to your SharePoint pages.

Add modern web part

Virto Calendar

Virto Kanban Board

Virto Free Image Slider


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