Virto Calendar Update: Location Field and Mini Calendar SPFx

The latest update of the Virto Calendar app provides new options for the location field.  Also, now you can use the Virto Mini Calendar web part on modern SharePoint sites. See the post to get more details.

Virto Calendar App: Location Field

VistoSoftware has just updated the Virto Calendar App for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Now the Virto Calendar supports adding locations from the list of available ones. To choose a location for your calendar entry, just select the one from the list in the calendar settings. This option helps to save the location field for Outlook entries as well.

Calendar Web Part Location Field

Tech note: to make the option work, please, reinstall Calendar Authorization App in your tenant AD.  This is important because we have added one more delegated permission to read tenant places. Also, you should re-add the calendar authorization app in your Azure AD enterprise applications. (Only a global tenant administrator has the right to re-add it).

Virto Calendar SPFx Web Part: Full-width mode

In addition, the Calendar SPFx web part supports the full-width column mode. To apply the full-width column, choose it while adding to the site page.

Calendar modern web Part

Add the Calendar Modern web part.

Calendar modern web Part

Then use the modern Virto Calendar web part as you planned.

Calendar modern web Part

Virto Mini Calendar SPFx Web Part: Now Available

The good news also relates to the Virto Mini Calendar web part. Now you can use it on a modern SharePoint 2019 site with its full functionality.

To start using,  please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Install the Virto Calendar web part to the SharePoint site or make sure it’s already installed. Mini Calendar is included in the Calendar Web part package.

Step 2. Download the Virto Calendar Modern web part and add it to the app catalog.

Step 3. And finally, add the “Virto Mini Calendar Modern Web Part” to your SharePoint site page.

Calendar modern web Part

Thank you for your interest in Virto products. Please feel free to leave your feedback.

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