How to Add a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook? SharePoint Calendar in Outlook.

Why do users want to sync SharePoint calendar with Outlook? The ability of viewing a SharePoint calendar in Outlook prevents users from excessive navigation between calendars located at different sites. Apart from the usability purposes, you will gain tangible benefits from adding SharePoint Calendar to Outlook, like:

  • You can merge events from both calendars into a single view;
  • The Outlook calendar will automatically sync with SharePoint, so you can make changes here and have them reflected there.

Connecting a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook

  1. Open the SharePoint calendar you would like to import to Outlook. On the ribbon, click Calendar and next select Connect to Outlook.

outlook sharepoint calendar

  1. Click Allow and Yes if asked in the system messages.

Now you can see the SharePoint calendar in Outlook and adjust its visibility – arrange the calendars stacked upon one another, overlay the calendars in one view, drag-and-drop events across the calendars. You can turn off the SharePoint calendar from the view just by unchecking the corresponding box.

sharepoint calendar in outlook