How to Publish Office 365 Calendar to Internet

Many organizations have come to need to share Office 365 calendar with users outside the Outlook. You can display your calendar in distinct permission views in a public area but it required administrators support to configure the underlying services.

The feature Let people in your organization use a public URL to share their calendars must be enabled in “External sharing” tab of Office 365 admin center.

With this permission you are able to share Office 365 calendar to external users per link. The events can be displayed with time only (free/busy information), with time, subject, and location, or an administrator can allow the full access and show all calendar appointments to external users.

Now you can easily share Office 365 calendar per link and send invitations to specific users.

The other possibility to share Exchange online calendar is overlaying it with SharePoint calendar. The default functionality of Office 365 does not allow implementing this feature, but with Virto Office 365 Calendar add-in you can display your Exchange calendar on SharePoint site with a single click!

Also, Virto Office 365 Calendar add-in is able to display Exchange online shared calendar as well.

Office 365 Calendar Add-in is a powerful enterprise-class calendaring solution for SharePoint online (Office 365) with color-coded events and different views for easy navigation and reference, e.g. Day, Week, Month, Year, Multi-source and Gantt Chart views.

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