Customer Case: Sending Out Corporate Emails

Send email to employees without ability to unsubscribe

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Business Requirements

Send email from CEO to employees list.

Employees should not have the ability to unsubscribe at their leisure.

Virto Software Components Used

SharePoint Workflow Activities Kit; SharePoint Alerts add-in.

Solution Summary

The solution was created for a broadcasting company with a large number of users. Prior to this change MailChimp was used but that wasn’t desirable as employees could unsubscribe at their leisure.

With Virto solution, the company was able to send emails “from” the CEO to all employees as well as newsletters from the corporate communications department.

Solution 1. (SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, Office 365)

Virto’s smtp workflow action allows sending email to everyone, in keeping with the executive’s request.

Solution 2. (Office 365)

Virto SharePoint Alerts add-in can be used to create and send SharePoint emails in an intuitive interface. Even a non-power user is able to create beautiful newsletter with pictures, links, tables and text formatting. SharePoint email sending schedule can be also predefined.

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