SharePoint Kanban Tasks Color Coding

For quickly differentiating tasks inside a SharePoint Kanban board you can color code them.

First of all you need to choose the board and go to “card setup”.

Then you need to scroll down and click on “add style rule”. Here you simply create a name and choose a color (border color, body color and font color) with which you would like to code the specific task. Then, in the “condition” part, you need to select the following from the drop down menus: 1. “assigned to”, 2. “is equal to”, 3. name of the person responsible for the Sharepoint Kanban task.

Don’t forget to save changes

When you save the changes, you will see that the tasks of the person you selected are highlighted with the color you chose. And in this simple way you can color code all the tasks, thus making it easier and faster to differentiate them.

Sergi Sinyugin
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