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How to Upload Multiple Files with SharePoint Uploader from VirtoSoftware?

Multiple file upload to SharePoint is a common issue that puzzles either SharePoint version users. We come across lots of claims about SharePoint upload for multiple documents is not working. The range of possible problems is really huge. In this blog post we consider the most common ways of SharePoint uploader usage.

Administrator Support is Required

You can use a Windows Explorer view to upload multiple files and copy-paste items. Also, you can click the ‘Upload Multiple Documents’ button on the ribbon. But the administrator permission is required before you can upload multiple documents to SharePoint. Some restriction of a library can limit the count of uploaded files or some file types can be blocked because of security reasons.

Administrator Support is Required

upload multiple documents to SharePoint

Sometimes even with full permission you still can’t see the option for SharePoint multiple file upload under files tab and the ‘Upload Multiple Documents’ button in the ribbon will be disabled and coming grayed out. Then several things need to be checked.

Compatibility Issues

On many of the systems this option is working fine on Internet Explorer 11, but it seems that the 64 bit version does not always support Upload Multiple Documents to SharePoint, this option works mostly with Internet Explorer (32bit) and only on Windows. Also, in order to make SharePoint uploader for Windows Explorer work correctly, your SharePoint site must be in the trusted zone of the IE. Then you just need to re-install your IE and just revert back to using the 32 bit version.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Of course, you can always use drag-and-drop functionality, but the problem with mass upload to SharePoint is that metadata gets lost. Also, moving folders manually is very time consuming, especially if you need to perform SharePoint bulk upload with metadata saved. In this case, you will enrich all the documents with metadata manually.

Single File Upload in SharePoint

It’s not always about multiple file uploads either, when it comes to the standard SharePoint uploader. Here are the 3 ways to upload a single file to SharePoint using only the basic SharePoint uploader.

Method one
The first one is through the “Upload” button: after logging in to your team site in SharePoint and going to the “Documents” field on the left side of the screen, you’ll see a number of buttons, like “New”, “Upload”, “Quick edit”, “Sync”, etc.
You need to click the “Upload” button, after that you’ll be presented with a pop-up window that lets you choose what file you want to upload. After selecting the file you can start the upload process with the “Open” button within that same pop-up window.

Method two
The second way to upload single files is a bit more complex. First, you’ll need to go to your Windows Explorer and find the file you want to upload there. The next step is to drag this file down to your internet browser’s icon so that the browser window comes to the front of your screen, and then you’ll need to drag that file you’re still holding to the part of your browser window titled “Documents”.
Keep in mind that a grey border would appear around that “Documents” area, and only dropping files within this border would begin the upload, the rest of the screen shouldn’t work that way. After dropping your file in that “grey area” you’ll see that the uploading process has begun.

Method three
Third way of uploading single files in SharePoint uploader is a bit more complex and begins with you copying your SharePoint Documents tab’s URL from your internet browser. Next you’ll have to open the file you want to upload from your Windows Explorer, be it an Excel, Word, PowerPoint or other file type.
Microsoft applications have a specific “Save As” tab that you’ll have to click to continue the process. To save the file directly to your SharePoint server through uploading you have to click “Browse” button and then paste the URL you copied earlier instead of a usual Windows file path (clicking on your file’s path in the upper part of the screen allows you to replace the traditional folder-based file path with your URL).
You’ll sometimes have to enter your credentials like login and password after pasting your URL and hitting “Enter”. The last step of this complicated process is to click the “Save” button in that same pop-up window and the upload will begin. You’ll see the file of your choosing in the process of uploading or already uploaded after you switch back to your SharePoint interface in your browser and refresh the “Documents” page.

That’s three different ways of uploading a single file in SharePoint Online/Office 365 using the basic SharePoint uploader. VirtoSoftware designed two professional and supported solutions, which allowing you to do SharePoint multiple file upload in just a few clicks with setting metadata.

SharePoint multiple file upload

Virto SharePoint Bulk Upload web part based on Silverlight and works in SharePoint 2013, 2010 or 2007 and HTML 5 version of SharePoint Bulk Upload for SharePoint 2013 (this solution is completely written in HTML 5) allow you to perform SharePoint multiple file upload in a few seconds.

Key Features of Virto SharePoint Uploader:

  • Add field descriptions.
  • Overwrite option.
  • Support for custom metadata.
  • Display of file upload progress bar.
  • Maximum file size and allowed file type settings.
  • Upload of large files.
  • Resize jpeg images during upload.
  • The possibility to redirect all requests from the standard upload page to the Virto Bulk Upload.
  • Support for Content Organizer rules.
  • Current user defaults for property values.
  • Partial uploading if operation is cancelled.
  • Cross browser support for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Both Virto SharePoint uploader tools have a wide range of settings that will help you manage your files during the uploading process into SharePoint.

No more troubleshooting and the continuous necessity to moving bulk files manually one by one! Now you can use SharePoint uploader of metadata into the document library in a quick and convenient way without any issues! Mass upload to SharePoint became easier with an intuitive user interface of Virto SharePoint Bulk Upload.

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