Viewing a SharePoint Calendar In Outlook

In this article I will connect a calendar list from a SharePoint team site to my SharePoint calendar in outlook 2013 (the procedure is similar to connecting a SharePoint calendar in outlook 2010).

So you can open SharePoint calendar in outlook 2013, view an overlay of the calendars as a single calendar, and even manage events among the calendars direct from Outlook.

Let’s see how to connect SharePoint calendar to Outlook:

Open the SharePoint calendar you’d like to sync. Then choose in the ribbon “Calendar” > “Connect to Outlook”.

Click “Allow” and “Yes” through the two following dialogs. Now you can see SharePoint calendar in outlook 2013 in side-by-side view.

Click the left arrow on second calendar tab and view both calendars stacked upon one another.

Note: If your SharePoint Calendar in Outlook is not displayed, go to Navigation Pane and choose “Calendar” >” Other Calendars”. Your SharePoint calendar checkbox should be checked.

So we performed SharePoint calendar sync with Outlook. Now you can see all changes in SharePoint calendar in Outlook 2013 and easily manage both connected calendars.

Also, you can quickly copy and paste items or just drag them between your SharePoint calendar and your Outlook personal calendar.

If you are displaying your SharePoint calendar in Outlook in one cell, the title of the active calendar displays darker.

Also, you can install ready-to-use solution from VirtoSoftware, which allows you to synchronize all your calendars from SharePoint, Google, MS Exchange, SalesForce and etc. You can apply any combination of RGB for coloring events according to their category and use many other features of this web part. Learn more about SharePoint Calendar.

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